Our East Tibet Kham Tagong trekking tour takes us to nomadic areas with achingly beautiful scenery, where we will explore the ancient, nomadic lifestyle

Moreover, we also have chance to visit some old nunneries and monasteries during this tour.  For those people who don’t have much time this tour will be the best choice for you! 

Day1 Chengdu---Lhaghang(ch:Tagong)

Our Great Kham Tour will start this morning, passing all the beautiful sceneries all the way to Tagong, but we will stop for lunch in Kangding, then Pass Gyula Pass(4298m), and see the beautiful Tibetan houses here, and you will be amazed by the  beautiful architecture in Kham.

Overnight in Lhaghang

Day2 Lhagang

Today will be a resting day, to acclimatize the altitude and prepare our coming trekking tour.

Overnight in Lhagang

Day3 Lhagang—Tserma Marbo

Visit Tashi Gonchen Monastery, it was fund by Drukdak Rinpoche, you will visit one of the largest Buddhist caving stone piles in the world.

Overnight in Tserma Marbo

Day4  Tserma Marbo—Jara Tsachuka(Jara Hot Spring )

Today will be hard day, because climbing to Jara pass (4800m) will be a difficult task for us, then descending from this pass, all the way to Jara Tsachuka (Jara Hot Spring), here we can relax and enjoy hot-spring.

Overnight in Jara Tsachuka

Day5  Jara Tsachuka—Jara Yutso Lake

it will be  a 4 hour trekking  today to get to the camping place, once we get there we will have lunch and relax, then we will walk to Jara Yutso Lake, a beautiful and crystal lake where we can take photos and enjoy the scenery.

Overnight in Jara Yutso Lake

Day6 Jara Yumtso Lake—Lun Tung Valley(Empty valley)

Today will be pretty relaxing day, it will take only 2 to 3 hours to get to the next destination, but the landscape is overwhelming.

Overnight in Lun Tung Valley

Day7 Lun Tung Valley—Sergyago  Nunnery(Golden Gate)

This will be 7 Kilometers distance, once you arrive there, you will visit  Sergya Go Nunney, found by Aku Tsepel, has 100 years history.  If we are lucky enough, we can be able to visit local religious ritual, and can explore more this region.

Overnight in Sergyago Nunnery

Day8  Sergyago Nunnery—Dashika

We can visit Nyalam Monastery on the way, and we will be camping near the nomadic area, where we can learn more about Nomadic life by visiting their homes and work with home.

Overnight in Dashika

Day9 Dashika—Geshima

Today the journey will be 8 kilometers trekking, we pass some old Buddhist prayer wheels and prayer flags on our way while the landscape is beautiful along the road. 

Overnight in Geshima

Day10  Geshima—End of the trek--Lhagang

We will be on the main road after following the trekking path about one hour, then we can follow the road to get to Lhagang, where our trekking tour is going to end.  We stay in a local family for the night and take good shower.

Overnight in Lhagang

Day11 Lhagang—Chengdu

Today we drive to Chengdu, and our tour is also approaching to the end, we sincerely wish you had a nice trekking tour with us, have a nice trip back to home and leave some good suggestions to make our future tour more enjoyable and fascinating.

Overnight in Lhagang