A tour to Shangri-la is dream for many people, and this journey includes visits to other beautiful cultural places as well, making it a truly remarkable experience.

Our explorations will include a visit to Serta Larung, the largest Buddhist Institute in the world. Litang, the famous Kham horse race festival takes place there. And Litang is the birthplace of 7th and 10th Dalai Lama. We will also make a visit to Purest Land -- Yading Natural Reserve. These adventures will truly make for the experience of a lifetime.

Day 1: Chengdu

Welcome to Chengdu! Fly in and meet your driver, and guide, at the airport. They will greet you warmly and escort you to a local hotel.

Overnight in Chengdu


Day 2: Chengdu to Dartsedo(Kangding), Drive time: 6 hours,  Elevation: 2560m / 8,400ft

We will leave early, and head toward Dartsedo. A famous Tibetan trade center in ancient times, it is now the capital city of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture with population of 96687, mostly Tibetans.

Overnight in Dartsemdo


Day 3: Dartsemdo to Rongdrak(Danba), Drive time: 4 hours, Elevation:1800m / 5,900ft

Rongdrak County, which is culturally made up of Gyarong Tibetans, which has a different dialect of Tibetan, and a style of dress styles, and local customs, distinct from other Tibetan regions. We’ll explore the differences and celebrate the uniqueness of this area.

Overnight in Rongdrak


Day 4: Rongdrak, Elevation:1800m / 5,900ft

Rongdrak region is a fascinating area. Experience Tibetan farming life, and enjoy the stunning landscape. We will also visit ancient castles with and soak in the feel of hundreds years of history.

Overnight in Rongdrak


Day 5: Rongtrak to Drakgo(Luhuo), Drive Time: 5 hours, Elevation: 3250m / 10,660ft

Along our drive on this day, beautiful landscapes and different local Tibetan housing architectures accompany our journey to Drakgo. You’ll be amazed at how diverse Tibetan culture is, as new information and questions arise around every corner.

Overnight in Drakgo


Day 6: Drakgo to Serta(Seda), Drive Time: 4 hours,  Elevation: 3890m / 12,760ft

This morning, we leave for Serta Larung, and passing stunning scenery, and lovely villages on the way. Serta Larung was founded in Larog Valley in 1980, by Kanpo Jigme Pentsok, with only few disciples. Starting out, they practiced and studied Buddhism in a tent. Soon, his fame as a  great Buddhist teacher spread, and more students gathered. Serta Larung is firmly rooted in the region and is now the world’s largest Buddhist Institute, and home to more than 10,000 monks and nuns.

Overnight in Serta


Day 7: Serta to Garze(Ganzi), Drive Time: 5 hours, Elevation: 3390m / 11,120ft

On our way to Garze, a small Tibetan town in beautiful surroundings, we will pass Passing Donkor monastery and Kasar Lake. The monasteries and nunneries, and villages will make for spectacular photographic opportunities. We will visit the 500-year-old Garze monastery in the afternoon.

Overnight in Kardzi


Day 8: Garze to Nyakrong(Xinlong), Drive Time: 3 hours,  Elevation: 3050m /10,000ft

Passing beautiful landscapes on our way to Nyakrong, we’ll head to a relatively lower altitude. This area is rich in forests and known for its beautiful architecture.

Overnight in Nyakrong


Day 9: Nyakrong to Litang, Drive Time: 4 hours, Elevation: 4014m / 13,170ft

Amazing landscapes and flowered grasslands surround us on this drive. We’ll have a chance to glimpse authentic nomadic life on our way. Our destination is ‘Highest Town in the World’: Litang.

Overnight in Litang


Day 10 Litang, Elevation: 4014m / 13,170ft

Litang is famed as the birthplace of 7th and 10th Dalai Lama. Geologically, also it is known as the highest city in the world. The town’s large monastery, Chode Gompa, is the most famous site. In the hills, behind the monastery, also there is a sky burial site we can visit.

Overnight in Litang


Day 11: Litang to Yading, Drive Time: 6 hours, Elevation: 2900m / 9,500ft

Yading Natural Reserve is 3 hours driving from Daocheng County Town. This well-preserved natural area will make you feel as though you are standing on the last pure land on the earth. Rich wild life, forests, and lakes, surround you, and you will see the most special landmark of all: Rewg Gsam Gonpo, one of the three Holy Snow Mountains for Tibetans. This is more than a striking place to take photos, it is one of the most holy places in Tibetan culture.

Overnight in Yading


Day 12: Yading, Elevation: 2900m / 9,500ft

We will more deeply explore Yading Natural Reserve, and seek the beauty of the valley in each corner, and learn more about this holy, and pure, land.

Overnight in Yading


Day 13: Yading to Shangrila, Drive Time: 7 hours, Elevation: 3200m / 10,500ft

We leave for Shangri-La, a destination for many tourists from all over the world. The ancient streets in this town are a hot spot for everyone to visit. Here you can explore more traditional Tibetan culture. Though a large fire damaged Shangri-la in 2014, now it is well-restored, and officially administered under a Yunnan Province.

Overnight in Shangri-la


Day 14: Shangri-la, Elevation: 3200m / 10,500ft

Our Kham cultural tour ends up today. Hopefully will have been a moving experience for you. Before we say our farewells, we’ll ask that you please leave some feedback about the tour to help us make it even better in the future!