The East-Tibet Kham Motorbike tour will lead you to the most spectacular places in Kham. Dzamtang, Serta, and Garze will amaze you with their beautiful scenery and authentic cultural atmosphere, and leave you wanting to come back!

Day 1: Chengdu

Meet your guide and driver at the airport, then head to the hotel. In the afternoon, we will check out on Motorbikes and  make sure we are well prepared for our Kham Motorbike tour.

Overnight: Chengdu

Day 2: Chengdu to Wenchuan, Ride Time: 4 hours, Elevation: 1325m / 4350ft

Today is the first day of our Motor Bike Tour. We will ride to Wenchuan, exploring stunning scenery and passing unique villages on the way. Once we arrive in Wenchuan, we will settle in our hotel and relax and prepare our next day’s tour to Barkham.

Overnight: Wenchuan

Day 3: Wenchuan to Barkham, Ride Time: 6 hours, Elevation: 2500m / 8200ft

The Scenery on our way to Barkham is fascinating, and the road is fine to ride. Barkham is the capital city of Ngawa Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, a modern Tibetan town with a population of 59,000.

Overnight: Barkham

Day 4: Barkham to Dzamtang(Rangtang), Ride Time: 6 hours, Elevation: 3260m  / 10,700ft

In the morning, we leave for Dzamtang, a beautiful small Tibetan town surrounded by forests and mountains. On the route, we will explore more local architecture and landscapes.

Overnight: Dzamtang

Day 5: Dzamtang to Serta(Seda)

The ride to Serta is one of the highlights of our tour. Not only will we visit very beautiful monasteries, but we will also be able to explore the nomadic lifestyle by visiting the culturally unique people in their homes.

Overnight: Serta

Day 6: Serta

Serta is the main reason to take this route, because here we can visit world's largest Buddhist Institute, home to more than 10 thousand monks and nuns.

Overinight: Serta

Day 7: Serta to Garze(Ganzi), Ride Time: 6 hours, Elevation: 3390m / 11,122ft

This day will take us to Donkor monastery, and the pleasant lake of Kasar, as we make our way to Garze. This small Tibetan town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and stunning landscape. The villages, temples and monasteries here are perfect for photographers! We will visit Garze monastery in the afternoon, which has 500 years of history.

Overnight: Garze

Day 8: Garze

Today we ride around Garze region. It is a beautiful place to explore, and we will drive to Dargyi Monastery, where we have picnic lunch. We then return to Garze in the afternoon. This day will be a highlight of the trip!

Overnight: Garze

Day 9: Garze to Lhagang(Tagong), Ride Time: 6 hours, Elevation: 3750m / 12,300

Today we ride to Lhaghang, passing beautiful landscapes and attractive villages on our way. Then we will reach one of the great sacred places for Tibetan Buddhists: Lhaghang Monastery. It was built by King Songtsan Gampo during the 7th century. Lhagang Monastery houses the most important statue of Buddha Shakyamuni. Local Tibetans believe that this statue will give the same spiritual blessing as the one found in Lhasa.

Overnight: Lhagang

Day 10: Lhagang to Chakzamka(Luding), Ride Time: 4 hours, Elevation: 1800m / 5900ft

Today's ride has us passing Gyula (4298m), the first mountain pass going to the Tibetan area from Chinese place. Then we willdescend to Dartsedo, where we'll have lunch. This city is the capital city of Garze Tibeatn Autonomous Prefecture with population of 96687, most of whom are Tibetans.

Overnight: Chakzamka

Day 11: Chakzamka to Yak Nga(Ya’An), Ride Time: 4 hours, Elevation: 600m / 1970ft

Once we drive through the Er Lang tunnel, we leave the Kham areas behind and head to Yaknga. Historically known as Yak Nga, this is also Tibetan area, and its name means Yak Tail. This is because whole Kham region is like shaped like a Yak, and Ya’an is the "tail", and the border of Tibetan and Han areas. In the 7th century, Yak Nga was a very important tea trade center between Tibetan and Han people. It became a main sources of Tibetan tea other than Lijiang.

Overnight: Yak Nga

Day 12: Yak Nga to Chengdu , Ride Time: 3 hours

Today will be our last ride. Our Great Kham Motor Bike Tour  comes to an end back in Chengdu. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this trip. Please feel free to leave some feedback to make our future tour more fascinating and enjoyable!

Overnight: Chengdu