(1) Is Kham a Tibetan area?

Yes. Many people have a big misconception about Tibet in the world; they think wherever Mt.Everest and Potala Palace is, is the only the region of Tibet. In fact, those places are only a part of Tibet – the western and central region. There are two very important and inseparable regions in Eastern Tibet called Kham and Amdo. These two regions have more than 65% of the total population of Tibetan people (6 million)! The Kham and Amdo regions include large portions of areas in Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, and Yunnan Provinces and in the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

(2) Where is Kham?

Kham is located on the Eastern side of Tibet, it covers Nakchu and Chamdo areas of Tibet Autonomous Region, Yushul Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Provinces and regions in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, also some places in Yunan Province.

(3)What we can see in Kham?

Kham areas have the most beautiful landscapes in all Tibetan areas and a lot of famous and historical monasteries in Kham. Many horse race festivals and Religious rituals are taken place in Kham during summer and autumn, it’s beautiful to visit and experience.

(4) How we go to Kham?

You can take flight to Chengdu city, it has international flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Bangkok , Sidney, Melbourne, Paris, Frankfurt, Kathmandu, New Deli, Singapore, Seoul, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan.

(5) Where is the easiest way to reach Kham?

The easiest way to reach Kham is from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. In Chengdu, we can drive (6hours) or take flight to Dartsedo (45 minutes), Yushul (1hour and half), Yading (1 hour) .

(6) Where is the nearest airport to visit Kham?

Kangding Airport, Yading Airport, Yushu Airport,Shangri-la Airport.

(7) Do we need a Tibet Travel Permit like in TAR?

We don’t need Tibet Travel Permit in Kham.

(8)How we get visa to visit Kham?

You can get the Chinese tourist visa to visit Kham.

(9) Can I can put Kham as the destination when I fill the visa application?

Yes, you can! But it probably slows down the process, so we recommend you to put Chengdu or other Chinese major cities, like Beijing, Xi’An, Shanghai.

(10) What if I need visa extension?

We can do the visa extension in Dartsedo and Yushul, as well as Shangri-la.

(11) Is there tourist restriction in Kham like in TAR?

There is no tourist restriction in these years in Kham, so we can travel freely and experience more the authenticity of Tibetan culture and traditions by staying their places as well.

(12) Can we go to TAR from Kham?

Yes, we can take flight from Kham to TAR, such as Dartsedo(Kangding),and Yushul(Yushu), but we need the original Tibet travel permit before going there.

(13) Can we travel in Kham independently?

Yes, you can, especially if you speak Tibetan or Chinese, then you can travel by yourself easily. Otherwise, we recommend you to go with travel agencies or hire a local guide.

(14) Is it safe to travel in Kham?

Yes. It is safe, I have been working in tourism industry since 2009, and haven’t heard any problems.

(15) Where to start Kham Travel?

You can start travelling either in Chengdu or Dartsedo. Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, and it has international airport. Dartsedo is the capital city of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture; you can take bus to this city from Chengdu. Once you are in Dartsedo, actually you are already arrived in Kham region, and you can explore more from here to other places.

(16) Do people speak English in Kham?

There are very few people can speak English, even in hotels’ receptions.

(17) Is it cold in Kham?

It is warm and cool in summer (From 8C to 24C), but could be very cold in winter. (From 9C to -20C)

(18)Can we see Tibetan horse race festivals in Kham?

Yes! We can see Tibetan horse race festivals in Kham, especially from June to August.

(19)Do we need to bring cash with us?

When you travel to Tibetan areas, it is always good to bring some cash (RMB) with you, because the places we are visiting are pretty remote and we can only get ATMs in the cities.

(20)What if I want to book a tour in Kham?

You can book tour through us (Khamvoyage), because Khamvoyage is the best travel agency in Kham, we offer different themes of tour(Such as Cultural Tour,Photography Tour, Wild life Tour, Motorbike Tour,Trekking Tour) which can probably meet your interests, if no, we can also design your personalized ,authentic tour in the region of Kham.